1. Purpose

The purpose of the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) is to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of Kedr (the “Company”) and subscribers who have agreed to the Terms and Conditions set forth (the “Subscribers”) when using services (“Services”) provided by the Company.


2. Effects and Changes of the Terms and Conditions

2.1. The Terms and Conditions will become effective once the Service-requesting customer agrees to the terms herein and registers as a user of the Service through a registration process provided by the Company.

2.2. The Company will make the Terms and Conditions easily accessible to all Subscribers by posting the Terms and Conditions on the front page of the Service or sending notifications through other methods.

2.3. The Terms and Conditions can be revised if deemed necessary by the Company. If revisions are made, notifications that contain the previous and revised Terms and Conditions, the application date of the revised version and the reason for changes made must be posted along with the current Terms and Conditions seven (7) days prior to the revised version’s application date and for a reasonable amount of time. If the changes have adverse effects on Subscribers, notices of the changes will be posted on each Service’s website and/or transmitted to each Subscriber electronically.

2.4. The Subscriber will be deemed to have agreed with the revised Terms and Conditions if the Subscriber does not express any objections to the revised Terms and Conditions, even after the Company has clearly notified that the Subscriber will be seen as having agreed to the revisions unless the Subscriber expresses otherwise within seven (7) days after the revised Terms and Conditions are enforced. The Subscriber may terminate the Terms and Conditions if they do not agree with the revisions.


3. Additional Terms

Matters not specified in the Terms and Conditions will be subject to the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information, the Telecommunications Business Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Personal Information Protection Act, relevant laws and regulations and other Service operation policies and rules provided by the Company (“Guiding Principles”).


4. Subscribing to Services

The Company may not approve of a user’s subscription to a Service if any of the following applies.

1) If the user fails to provide required information or submits incorrect information when subscribing

2) If the user fails to comply with conditions for subscription required by the Company


5. Terminating the Use of the Service

Any Subscriber who wishes to terminate the use of the Service can do so through procedures provided by the Company. The Company will handle matters in a quick manner in compliance with related laws and regulations.


6. Providing Services

As a rule, the Service is available 24 hours a day. However, the service can be suspended temporarily due to the Company’s situation or technical reasons. The Company may also temporarily suspend the Service for a determined period of time for operational reasons. In such cases, the Company will post a notice before or after the Service has been suspended.


7. Service Rates

7.1. The Company offers free Services.

7.2. Additional data charges will be incurred when using wireless Services, in accordance with policies set forth by the mobile carrier each Subscriber is subscribed to.


8. Restricting and Terminating Use of Services

8.1. The Company may restrict or terminate a Subscriber’s use of Services if any of the following applies.

1) The Subscriber intentionally interferes with the operation of the Company’s Services

2) If Service restrictions or termination is inevitable due to inspection, maintenance or construction of facilities used for the Service

3) If a key telecommunications business operator, designated in accordance with provisions in the Telecommunications Business Act, suspends telecommunications services

4) If situations that interfere with the use of the Service arise, including a state of national emergency, failure of facilities used for the Service or excessive increase in traffic to the Service

5) If the Company finds it unsuitable to continue to provide the Service due to other serious matters

8.2. If the Company decides to restrict or terminate the use of the Service due to matters defined above, the Company must notify Subscribers of the reasons to such restriction or termination and specify the period the Service will be restricted from use.


9. Notifying Service Revisions

9.1. In the event the Company makes changes to Service contents or deletes a part of the Service, the Company may notify Subscribers of such changes by sending an email to the email account the Subscriber submitted during subscription.

9.2. If the Company is required to send the aforementioned notification to a large number of unspecified individuals, the Company may notify Subscribers by posting the notification on the Service website or Company homepage. However, notifications on matters that have a severe effect on Subscriber activities will be posted on the Service website for a reasonable amount of time or sent to individual Subscribers.


10. Company Address and Contacts

The Company’s name, address and contact information is provided below.

Company Name : Kedr GmbH
CEO : Natalya Valter
Address : Rheingaustr. 53, 65201 Wiesbaden, Germany
Phone : +49 69 967 44 614
Website: http://kedr.io
Email: info@kedr.io


11. Non-Assignment

The Subscriber cannot assign, transfer or pledge the rights to use Services.


12. Compensation for Damages

The Company can file a compensation for damages against the Subscriber if damage is incurred to the Company due to the Subscriber’s violation of terms herein. The Subscriber will be responsible for the damages, unless the Subscriber can prove that their actions were unintentional or a result of negligence.


13. Disclaimer

13.1. The Company will not be responsible for damages incurred to Subscribers if the Company is unable to provide Services due to the following;

1) Natural disasters or other force majeure

2) Intentional disruption of Service operations by a third party that has entered into a Service provision partnership with the Company.

3) Errors that occur during Service use due to reasons attributed by the Subscriber

4) Actions of the Company that are not intentional or negligent, excluding those stated in Clause 1 or 3.

13.2. The Company does not warranty the credibility and accuracy of the Service or information, data or fact posted in the Service, and will not be responsible for any resulting damages incurred by the Subscriber.


14. Arbitration

14.1. The Company will consult with the Subscriber in good faith to resolve any disputes that arise from the use of Services.

14.2. If the dispute is not resolved through the aforementioned consultation, the Company and Subscriber can request the German Communications Commission to settle the dispute.

14.3. If the dispute is not resolved despite measures stipulated above, the Company and Subscriber may file a lawsuit, which will be brought to the competent court stated in the Civil Procedure Act.


15. Abusive Content

There is no tolerance for abusive users or objectionable content. We have the right to remove user accounts, which will be repeatedly reported for inappropriate content.