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What is KEDR

Kedr is a unique messenger, which focuses on privacy and security.

We do not only value that messages are sent encrypted, we also set priorities that your messages are safe on your phone, even if someone else has your phone with the password.For that we have invented features, which other messenger do not have. If someone tries to login with your account on another devices, you will also be notified and you have the option to log out the other person.

We serve what you desire

You choose what you share

Sharing your mobile number or access to your phone book is voluntarily.

High encryption standards

Be ensured that we use only the newest technology to encrypt your chat and calls.

Hide your contacts

By creating hidden lists, no one else will see the contacts you don’t want them to see.

Hacking protection

You will be notified if someone tries to hack your profile, so you can take action.

How it works



Registering with Kedr is simple and anonymous. You just select a username and a password. Sharing your telephone number and access to your phone book is voluntarily for your comfort.


Hidden lists

Create lists, where you can hide contacts and chats you don’t want others to see. Only you know that these lists are created, so even if someone has your phone, he/she won’t find the chats and contacts. You can mute those contacts, so you won’t be disturbed by them.

Our awesome features

Kedr offers you features, which other messenger do not have

Anonymous registration

You don’t need to share your private details or access to your phone, all you need is a username.

Hidden Lists

Hide your contacts from people who have access to your phone. Mute contacts in hidden lists, so you won’t receive notifications or calls from them. Unlock hidden list to chat.


Set a timer, so your messages will be removed after a specific time.

Unique settings

Change name, profile picture or preview messages in chat lists of your contacts.

Hacking protection

If someone tries to log in on another device, you will receive a text message. If the login was successful, you can log him/her out and change the password for your security.

Screenshot notification

You can see whenever your chat partner made a screenshot of your chat.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of answers to questions we usually receive to support team.

KEDR is using high End-To-End Encryption system, it means all processes are stored and encrypted using special "keys" on the phones of chat participants. Nothing is stored on any servers. It makes almost impossible for intruders to hack and read your chat messages.

Yes! Voice and video calls are also encrypted. You can also transfer files via KEDR safely.

Adding a phone number to your account gives you more benefits. You get informed about successful or failed logins into your KEDR account. You can restore your account, if you forgot your password.

Account restore is only possible, if a real phone number is added to your account. Click here to restore your account. After creating a new password, your account will be logged out from all devices you were logged in.


Why Choose KEDR

There are many reasons to go with Kedr. Our features are:

  • Kedr is free of charge.
  • Kedr is anonymous. Don’t share your private details.
  • Hide and mute your contacts, so no one can see them.
  • Be notified if someone tries to hack your account.

Take a look at KEDR

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KEDR is great for both of your personal and your business purpose. KEDR is rated 4+ stars on mobile platforms. It already has 15500+ downloads and 5700+ active users worldwide. You can get KEDR from App Store and it is also available on Google Play.

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